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Do you want your wedding plans to flow? Your choice of wedding venue hire is the key decision from which everything else will proliferate. So after the excitement of your engagement finding your ideal wedding venue is going to be next on your list of priorities.

The multi-award winning Italian Villa is a Dorset wedding venue that is most definitely on trend for 2016 and beyond. Having just won Wedding Venue of the Year 2016 by the Wedding Industry awards & having been shortlisted for the UK Wedding Awards in the Best Coastal Venue category. This is no surprise considering our beautiful location and arresting choice of wedding suites. The choice of suites is just one aspect of what makes The Italian Villa a rather unique wedding venue available for hire in Dorset.

Some couples prefer small and intimate, others breath-taking with the wow factor and some a mellow ambience with an elegant backdrop – in this respect the Italian Villa is a highly desirable Dorset wedding venue for its inbuilt ability to offer all three.

Other key trends to watch out for in 2016…

  1. Unusual wedding venue hire in beautiful locations. Discerning brides and grooms are looking for something that offers that little bit extra. The Italian Villa is a unique Dorset wedding venue offering something just that little bit extra special.
  2. For brides less is more. It’s ok to show a little skin at your wedding these days as long as you observe certain subtle rules – think demure at the front and risqué at the back.
  3. Couples may be choosing to dance rather than walk down the aisle to a track that holds a special resonance for them.
  4. Sustainable weddings with a greener feel – increasingly couples are looking at the provenance of the wedding menu, whether it is sourced locally and whether it’s organic. The Italian Villa is a Dorset wedding venue that has this high on its list of priorities with its resident caterers Beales Gourmet ensuring all food is, where possible, locally sourced, as Tony Beales Managing Director says: “We love being based in Dorset. Brides and grooms come to us from all over the UK (and even a few from around the globe too!), and we’re proud to be a Dorset flagbearer. Weddings in Dorset at The Italian Villa also allow bridal couples to take advantage of our incredible local cuisine, provided by our caterers Beales Gourmet. Local cuisine is surely one of the biggest reasons to choose a wedding venue in Dorset!
  5. Separates and mismatched bridesmaids – rather than forcing your bridesmaids into a one size fits all, savvy brides and grooms are allowing their bridesmaids to wear styles, shapes and colours that work for them as individuals.
  6. Flowers, such a crucial part of the wedding day are all about making glamorous statements as Danielle Street, the floral director at Dorset-based Hillview Flowers and Events, and a preferred wedding supplier of the Italian Villa, says: “2016 Floral trends are heading the way of ‘Vintage Glam’, lots of vintage garden flowers such as Roses, Lisianthus, Veronica and Hydrangea’s, with lace and pearls and a touch of sparkle”.
  7. Designer desserts rather than simply a cake – your signature dish of choice, for instance, is on trend for 2016.
  8. Monogrammed items declaring your new status as a married couple will be notable at weddings in 2016 – Mr & Mrs/Mr & Mr/ Mrs & Mrs.
  9. More intimate wedding hire – still following the less is more theme, fewer guests but with a more opulent feel for those who have the honour of being your guest.
  10. Wedding venues that offer luxurious ambience – when planning a wedding there is much to consider and the comfort and enjoyment of your guests – people you love and respect and who have earned the honour of being guests at one of the most memorable days of your life – is high on that agenda. A wedding is a feast for the senses and your guests will note the location, the venue, the style, the ambience, the service and the food.

Wedding guests often choose to make a weekend of it and treat the attendance of a wedding as a mini break and with Dorset having a reputation of being one of the most beautiful counties in England with its dramatic coastlines and sunny microclimate, its popularity as a wedding venue destination is assured.

Ultimately, despite the ever changing world around us the one thing that never goes out of fashion is love and marriage. Deep down the idea of lasting commitment appeals to many on an intrinsic level and if we are going to commit our life to someone it is a celebration worth pulling out all the champagne corks for.

As well as being the moment that you publicly declare your life-long commitment to another, your wedding is the ideal opportunity to showcase your individuality, take centre stage and invite those you are most intimately connected with to perhaps see you in a new and extraordinary light. With fewer opportunities for people to dress up and celebrate, weddings at a sensational venue and destination are something that everyone looks forward to.