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You more than likely have grandiose plans for your wedding day. It’s more than likely a day that you’ve thought a LOT about since you were a child. But, if you’re finding it hard to figure out how you’re going to have your dream wedding day within your planned wedding budget, you are not the only one. Thousands of brides all over the country are on average spending over £27,000 on their big day (source: The Independent). Whilst this figure may be way outside of your budget, you can still have your dream wedding on a tighter budget.

Your priorities are the first thing to consider. What’s more important to you WHERE you get married or WHEN you get married? If you’ve had your eye on a dream wedding venue but you’re worried it will be way out of your price range. Check if the venue offers a more favourably-priced option outside of the peak summer season. For example, The Italian Villa at Compton Acres would cost around £8500 to £9500 for a Friday in the summer season (based on 75 guests and including wedding venue hire, wedding breakfast, drinks package and evening buffet). However, if you chose a Friday in January or February next year (how about 14th Feb?!), you could have the full off-peak wedding package (again, including wedding venue hire, wedding breakfast, drinks package and evening buffet for 65 guests) for around half the amount at £4300!

Also, it’s worth asking if your venue offers all-inclusive wedding packages which include the catering, as this is usually less expensive than paying for wedding venue hire and catering separately. (continued below…)

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Think about your guest list carefully – your wedding venue will more than likely have a minimum requirement of guests they cater for (at The Italian Villa, that’s from just 65 guests up to 180 guests). Remember you can invite a select number of guests to your full wedding day and then add additional guests for your evening party. The Italian Villa charges just £12.50 per additional evening guest, which allows them to enjoy a delicious evening buffet and to dance the night away with you and the rest of your day guests.

Another consideration is the style of your venue, and what they offer in terms of décor they include. For example, to add a splash of neutral elegance The Italian Villa has chair sashes at the end of each aisle in the Verona ceremony suite. They also include coloured uplighters and twinkling ceiling string lights in the Siena evening party suite. They eve provide biodegradable confetti for your guests to throw. These little touches will save you hundreds of pounds compared to if you had to hire them individually.

Think about the location of your preferred venue. Do they have free parking? Are they easy to access and nearby local transport links? This will save money on transporting guests and the wedding party to and from the venue. Are you committed to having compulsory onsite accommodation?

There are always ways to have the wedding venue of your dreams. The best thing you can do is to compile your list of wishes and get in touch with the venue to see how they can help you achieve as many items on your wish list as possible.

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