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Creating the wedding of your dreams may be easy in your mind’s eye. However, when it comes to putting it all together you might find that not all you desire is within easy reach.

Perhaps you have found the dress or suit of your dreams, the cake of your fantasies and the venue that will blow your guests’ minds, but when you put it all together you realise that possibly it has strayed into the realms of unaffordability, even if you have a substantial budget.

Thinking outside the box is the key to creating the wedding of your desires, keeping all the luxurious elements that are essential to your unique vision, whilst remaining within the realms of reality.




One way to have the luxurious Dorset wedding of your dreams is to choose an ‘off season wedding package’. By opting for something outside of the holiday hotspots you can ensure that you capture all the unique luxury for a little less.

Choosing off-season also means giving your guests something exciting to look forward to at a time of year that is not traditionally associated with celebration, thus extending an opportunity for people to have fun and celebrate when they may have nothing else on the calendar.

Investing in a luxury venue is simply the soundest way to ensure that you get the wedding of your dreams when prioritising spending for the big day. Opulent surroundings will make everyone feel fantastic and you know that by choosing a venue such as the Italian Villa as your luxurious Dorset wedding venue you will be selecting something unique.

The real beauty of choosing an off-peak Dorset wedding package is that you won’t skimp on the little things that make the day a real celebration of your marriage. The Italian Villa offers a complete ‘off-season wedding package’ that includes all the things that would be expected at a high end wedding such as exclusive use of the Italian Villa and use of the beautiful gardens to take photos, plus a dedicated Event Manager who will run the day on your behalf. A complete drinks package is also included plus your full wedding breakfast and an evening buffet. Additionally, many extra touches such as complimentary rose petal confetti and LED tea lights are in the off-season wedding package. These are the sorts of little extras that signify thought and attention to detail, which are all incorporated into the budget without you having to think long and hard.

It really is possible to have a luxury high end wedding that fits in with your finances if you listen carefully to the experts. Nicki of Creative Cakes by Nicki, a preferred supplier of the Italian Villa, offers an ingenious way to ensure everything looks perfect but trims your expenditure. She suggests that when booking your cake for a large guest list you could still opt for just a three tier cake as your show piece, but arrange to have extra iced cake slabs delivered so that you have sufficient for your evening guests.

“Cakes are often served in the evening now when all the guests have arrived so that everyone gets a view of the showstopper centrepiece, however by having iced cake pieces delivered directly to the venue’s kitchen you can be sure there is enough for everyone without having the additional cost of a four or five tier cake.”

Another key area to invest in, to make sure that you make smart choices and to maximise your budget power, is to find a Dorset wedding planner who knows the venue and has a flair for making things happen whilst adhering to boundaries.

Julia Holland is a wedding planner at Bellissimo Weddings, a preferred supplier of the Italian Villa, she offers guidance on how to get the most out of your wedding budget:

“One of the most challenging elements of the early stages of planning a wedding that we come across is with couples who want to have a really high end wedding but don’t have the budget to match. We work really hard to firstly, manage our client’s expectations about what they can get for their budget and secondly to maximise the use of the budget that they do have – we really want to make it work hard for our couples and with our experience of the best venues and suppliers in the area and lots of ideas on how we can be savvy for our clients, we can certainly offer that as part of our service.

Our advice is to write a list of priorities – rank the different elements of your wedding in order of how important they are to you and assign an amount of your budget depending on where they rank. For example, we would normally anticipate that approximately five per cent of a wedding budget will be spent on flowers. If someone is particularly keen on flowers, this might increase to 10 or even 15 per cent.  If they’re not fussed about flowers, it might end up being just two or three per cent. Obviously that will mean either some budget has been freed up to spend on something else, or we’ll have to reduce costs elsewhere.”

So the facts are clear – you can, with a little ingenuity, really have the wedding you want, that reflects who you are, offers a unique slant on your celebration and ensures that your pre-planned wedding budget remains a reality and not a lost cause.