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We see a lot of events come through our doors at The Italian Villa (over 200 a year to be precise). As a leading event venue in Dorset, we often get asked by our clients to help them put on events that will engage their staff. And whilst some companies opt for something more structured and formal (see our delicious banquet menus for some inspiration), we especially love the companies who show some brilliant creativity and give their teams a day to truly remember.

Yes, it’s all fun and games, but…

The teams we see leaving the Villa most energised and “meshed together” are the ones who have been challenged to achieve something – often outside of their comfort zone – and work together as a team to do so. We can speak from personal experience here, as our team always enjoy a pre-summer season team-building day to help get us ready for the immensely busy season ahead. It may seem like just fun and games, but the challenges set before us (both mental and physical) required key skills to achieve, including:

  • Cognitive reasoning and problem solving
  • Team work and building trust
  • Communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Patience
  • Taking responsibility
  • Adaptability and thinking on your feet

Culture Kings

Getting your entire team to buy into your company’s brand values and to live and breathe your mission statement is what company culture is all about. It’s not about “bean bags and pool tables”… it’s about having a single purpose. Ours is simple: To make our customer’s happy and delight them with everything that we do.

We’ve seen first hand how events have helped in-bed this culture for our company and many of our clients’ too.

** We must give a shout out to the great people at GOTO Events – not only did they help us with our team building day, but we also had them at our recent corporate open day (complete with massive inflatable “Crystal” dome!), which went down incredibly well with our clients. They offer a whole array of team-building options that you and your team can enjoy here at The Italian Villa.

For more information on conference venue hire or our corporate events packages please get in touch on 01202 816074 or via our contact form.